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Yoni Massage

What is yoni massage?

Yoni massage is an ancient sexual practice involving the stimulating of the vagina.

Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina which essentially means a sacred portal. The history of this practice is closely related to that of tantra and tantric massage.

While this erotic massage releases sexual energy, reaching orgasm is not necessarily the main goal, although many women experience it.

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What Are The Benefits Of Yoni Massage Therapy?

 Aids Your Mental Health

Yoni is great for helping your mental health, especially anxiety and depression.

That’s because you get to make time to connect with yourself on a deeper level, exploring the possibilities of pleasure.

 It Promotes Healing

A yoni massage can help people with sexual trauma heal.

Those suffering with negative emotions towards sex may have related feelings linked to both male and female genitalia.

By experiencing intimacy in the vagina, those emotions can be released, helping the brain to associate the female genitals with good, pleasurable connotations instead.

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 Improves Your Sex Life

Exploring yoni massage is highly beneficial for boosting or spicing up your sex life.

By stimulating the vagina, you’ll begin to learn what feels good and turns you on.

Whether you’re experimenting alone or with a partner, you’ll add excitement to your sexual experiences and begin to enjoy spending more time in the bedroom.

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 Have Better Orgasms

While reaching orgasm isn’t the overall goal of yoni massage, the practice can help you to have better, more intense orgasms with regular exploration.

This may happen because you’re getting to learn about your body in more depth, experiencing a different type of pleasure, or simply because you’re beginning to understand where you like to be touched.




I make you relax and enjoy the pleasures of your body.

Session will be about knowing the body's natural pleasures.

I will be making all efforts to make it an extraordinary experience.

Massage will include every muscle in your body.

Call or WhatsApp or Email, we can discuss.

Privacy - 100%.

Only I and you will know about the session. 



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