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Corporate fitness programs

Fit people, healthy people

Physical activity makes us feel good. Employees health concerns will be a thing of the past. Your place will be bustling with active people....... so many benefits. Try Train with P_h_t_ program for a month and decide.
In the program, sessions will last for an hour. In a session I can train a maximum of 10 people. See how fitness will affect people firsthand.
No diet fitness. No equipment training. 

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Are you a certified trainer?

No. But I have experience of years of training.

How are you different from other fitness trainers?

Everybody have their style of training. We have to train together to see if we go along well.

Is "no diet fitness" possible?

My defined body is the endorsement of "no diet fitness". Train with P_h_t_ and you will also endorse the same.

What does "no equipment training" mean?

We will be training with just our bodies, mats and tights. Nothing else.

Do you offer "pay per session"?

Yes, that's how I charge. I don't charge monthly.

How do we pay you?

Payment will be done at the end of every month for the sessions conducted in that month. 

Do you offer trial classes?

No. Initially we have to make the body to adopt to training, which takes around 2 weeks. But we can meet once before we start to know if we can train together.

Where do you conduct sessions?

At the comfort of your home.



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